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Regor Energy is dedicated to finding the most innovative, cost-effective, and results oriented energy solutions for your residence or business.

Solar Pool Heating

We are a dealer for SunValue, Heliocol, SunStar Solar, Eco-Spark and FAFCO solar energy solutions.

Our goal is simple...
To lower your energy costs and to install a quality system to heat your swimming pool in a manner that doesn't break the bank. How are we different? Many things differentiate us from our competitors:

1. We will meet or beat the cost of any solar system of similar size and quality,

2. We work only with high quality and experienced installers,

3. We obtain any needed permits and recommend you obtain available tax credits,

4. We provide FREE cost estimates,

5. Installations are often done within a few days or less,

6. We can assist with financing your solar systems.

Energy Brokerage

Regor Energy serves clients all over the country. Whether it be a manufacturing site, a restaurant franchise, a municipal building, a school district or any other entity, we can help procure energy (electric and natural gas) or find alternative energy sources like solar and wind power. To reduce overall energy costs, LED lighting may also be a viable option.

Electric and Gas Aggregation

Another area of expertise includes electric and gas aggregation programs for residents and small businesses (<700,000 annual kWh). Among other things, Regor Energy will provide assistance to municipals as it relates to:

  • Assist in the renewal of its electric aggregation certification.
  • Draft and assist in the development of a Plan of Operation and Governance.
  • Provide assistance at any scheduled meetings to educated community members.
  • Assist in the day-to-day administration of the program (i.e. PUCO compliance, supplier liaison, contract review, etc.).
  • Review customer data provided by the utility that serves as the basis for an opt-out
  • Assist in completing and filing the annual report required by PUCO for Governmental aggregators.
  • Coordinate and assist with the preparation and filling of the required aggregation certification documents (every other year).
Additionally, energy supplier(s) participating in the RFP process must demonstrate:
  • Has experience administering other Government Aggregation groups within the state.
  • Has sufficient sources of power to provide retail firm power to the residents and small businesses.
  • Is a licensed Federal Power Marketer with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Is certified as a CRES by the Public Utility Commission for the state.
  • Is registered as a generation supplier.
  • Has a Service Agreement for Network Integration Transmission Service if applicable.
  • Has the corporate structure to sell retail firm power to the utility customers.
  • Assure its Electronic Data Interchange computer network is fully functional and capable of handling the retail electric customers.
  • Has a call center capable of handling the municipals Aggregation Group customer calls.
  • Has a toll-free number as required by the PUC for customer service and complaints.
  • Satisfies any State credit requirements.
  • Will execute the Power Supply Agreement.
  • Will provide assistance, if needed, by Regor Energy and the municipal in filling the annual reports required by PUC.

Through our robust energy supplier relationships, we can find an energy supplier (including a product generated from 100% renewable energy) that provides the best price and/or agreement(s) to meet your needs.

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