Why Solar Pool Heating?

How does solar pool heating work?

A pump, usually your existing pool pump, pushes water through a filter to strain leaves and debris. Water is then pumped into a solar panel (i.e. Heliocol, SunValue, etc.) mounted on your roof, porch, fence, or other location with good sun exposure (optimally south facing in North America). The water is substantially heated as it moves through the panel, and it flows back into your pool, warming the water. Unlike solar water heaters for indoor use, solar pool heaters do not require a storage tank. Your pool provides all the storage needed.

What components comprise a solar pool heating system?

Solar pool heating systems enhance the natural effect of the sun heating the water in your pool with three essential components: a panel, a pump and a filter. Every element of our solar pool heating systems is manufactured with surgical-grade plastic. Using a unique injection over-molding process, our patented and specially-engineered components are designed to be part of a safe, low-maintenance solar pool heating system.

What does Solar Pool Heating cost?

Can I get a quote for solar pool heating equipment?

To get an equipment quote, please contact Regor Energy and we'll provide a quote right away.

Can I supplement my current pool heating system with solar panels?

Yes. The cost of adding solar panels to your current pool heating system can vary between different combinations of pool size, what system you have and even where you live. Contact Regor Energy today for a quote.

Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements

Who can I purchase spare parts for my solar panels?

Regor Energy provides maintenance, repairs and solar panel replacements of your existing solar pool heating system. If you need to remove your system for roof repairs, we can remove and reinstall the system so you will be back up and running in no time.

What type of maintenance needs should I expect from a solar pool heating system?

A properly installed solar heating system requires little or no maintenance. Unlike other manufacturers, which use rubber hoses and metal clamps to connect their panels, many of our systems are connected with a patented plastic panel clamp.

Rubber hoses can require maintenance every six months and metal clamps rust and stain the roof. Many of our systems have plastic clamps that never require maintenance or replacement, never rust and are guaranteed against leaking.

This rugged design and reliability make maintenance costs practically non-existent on a solar pool heating system. However, as a precaution, simply check your solar heating system for proper operation at the beginning of each swimming season, particularly if it has an automatic controller.

If help is needed, please contact Regor Energy and we'll come on out and inspect your system and provide any cost requirements.

Solar Pool Heating Installation

What should I expect from a solar pool heating site visit?

A site visit from Regor Energy is the first step and often the most critical in the solar installation process. Every installation can present unique challenges and advantages. We will evaluate your property for the most suitable and cost-effective solution to maximize your satisfaction. After a site visit, you'll have a clear idea of how and where your solar system will be installed, what expected costs will be and what you can expect to save.

To schedule a site visit, contact Regor Energy at (330) 408-7368 or (813) 210-7184 today.

Do Solar Pool Heating Systems come with a warranty?

Yes. The warranty varies by system installed and an extended warranty can be purchased. Most systems offer at least a 7-year warranty while other as long as 12- years.

Ask your Regor Energy representative about warranty information and how to file it once purchased.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact Regor Energy today for more information.