Regor Energy is a strong advocate for utilizing a solar pool blanket for your swimming pool.

We can customize the solar pool blanket for any size pool. In addition, we offer an electronic or battery driven reel that makes covering and uncovering your pool as easy as pushing a button.

Solar Pool Blankets and reels provide many benefits: they are effective in reducing heat losses in your swimming pool. By reducing evaporation, they reduce the quantity of chemicals needed and they help keep dirt and leaves out of the pool. Pool covers also reduce pool maintenance.

Because evaporation accounts for about 70 percent of pool heat losses, the benefits of obtaining a pool cover can be dramatic. And with the electronic and battery driven reels we offer, installing and using a pool cover no longer has to be a hassle.

When combining a solar pool blanket with our solar pool heaters, it will provide you and your family with many additional months of swimming pool fun. Swimming pools are a major investment in your home, why not get the most out of it with our custom solar pool blankets, reels, and heaters.

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