Solar Power

Regor Energy Corp primary goal is to give you creative renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.
We are committed to the following customer benefits:

  • Be 100% Green
  • Resilient
  • Save Money

We accomplish this by combining and managing grid connected renewable (i.e. solar and wind) with on-site solar, battery and natural gas generation.

Be 100% Green.
Out team supplies 100% of your kilowatt hours with renewable generation. We analyze your energy needs on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. We then contract with solar and wind farms at different locations in the country to delivery that energy when you need it. Solar generation occurs primarily during the day and wind occurs primarily during the night, as can be seen from the picture below.

Be Resilient. If the grid goes down, we are still producing renewable energy but can't get it to you. Our natural gas generator will automatically start to keep your locations running until the grid comes back and we can deliver the renewable energy. During the time the grid is down, we sell the renewable energy locally to where it is generated and credit your account. In this way, every kWh you consume is backed by a renewable kWh.

Save Money. Everyone has probably seen the news that solar and wind are now cheaper than coal and natural gas generation. While this is true, there are other components to the customer's bill besides the energy or generation charge. For most businesses, non-energy charges account for about 45% of the bill and in some cases much more. The largest of these charges are the transmission and distribution charges. To move the renewable energy to you, we are subject to each of these charges, which make renewable energy more expensive. In order to lower energy costs, we need to reduce the transmission and distribution charges. The rate for these charges is determined by the peak load of the facility during specific times. During those times, we will turn on the backup generator to reduce how the grid views the site's peak load, thus significantly reducing the transmission and distribution rates. With these rates reduced, we are able to send low cost solar and wind directly to you.

During the hottest times of the summer, and when there is a disruption to utility generation, the grid will often ask backup generators for support. We help the grid by using its backup generator to supply the grid with needed power during these periods of time.s editable and you can use it to promote your products and services.

Regor Energy Corp can also help your organization purchase and sell Renewable Energy Certificates enabling you to make an "environmental" claim without building a unit.

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